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We recently purchased this Wexford Leas Cherry Hill home in the eastside section of Cherry Hill. The home has great bones, sits on a large, beautiful cornet lot and has tons of potential. Below you will see some of the original pictures of the layout we were confronted with during our initial inspection.

As you can tell from some of the pictures the main challenge of the home was the main level which consisted of the living room, dining room, kitchen and the breakfast area. The walls between the living, dining room and kitchen just left three small disjointed rooms with limited function in each. Another challenge was the basement area, it was dark and consisted of three separate areas. The master shower needed to be enlarged and the family room fireplace needed to be updated. The outside of the property was overgrown with brush which needed to be cleared out. Overrall this is a very solid home and while needing major work on main floor and the basement, the rest of the home needed no extraordinary structural work but the entire house would need to be renovated.

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