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Holy Wallpaper removal Batman!

When we first purchased the Barclay Cherry Hill home all the walls were covered with wood paneling and/or wallpaper and we had originally thought to just paint over the wood paneling. After about 5 minutes we decided that would be a bad idea! Check out two of the wallpaper samples we came across, one had a cool retro vibe to it and I am pretty sure the other two are from the Revolutionary War LOL …

The crazy part is once we started removing the wood paneling, guess what was underneath? No ideas? WALLPAPER! Some areas had two layers of wallpaper! Ultimately through saturation and a ton of sweat equity all the wallpaper was removed and it was much easier than I had ever anticipated. Thoroughly drench the walls and scrape, scrape, scrape and then scrape some more.  After all the scraping is done then you should use joint compound to fill in all the holes (we had a lot from the pin nails used for the wood paneling) and the gauges. After all that then sand everything down and then primer the walls and you are ready for paint!  Check out the images in the gallery to see the progress:

Some pictures from demolition:

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