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This is the exciting part of a project, also can be the scariest, since you never know what you will find. The roof is one layer and seems like it is brand new. The HVAC system runs perfectly and we discovered solid poured concrete walls for the foundation. We decided to put in all new windows, with the exception of the breakfast area since they were newer and in great condition. We also start opening up the walls to get a feel of what the space will look like.  The space was immediately transformed by being filled with all the natural daylight. Below you will see some pictures of the demolition phase of construction. We have also decided to put in large egress windows in the basement to really brighten it up and give it an above grade feel, enlarge the master bathroom shower and need to figure out if we want to put the beam for the living room recessed into the ceiling or not. Aesthetically it will look much better.

Follow along as we really get into this renovation…

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