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Time to investigate the Pool…

As I mentioned at the start of the Kingsdale Ave. Cherry Hill fixer upper project in Fox Hollow we are dealing with a pool for the first time. We have to decide whether to salvage it or pull it out of the ground. The water definitely looks murky and our people from the The Pool Experts have arrived to assess the situation. Once they told me how much it would cost to build a pool like this today, we decided to keep it.

Check out some of the pictures below:

They use a pressure washer and a chemical solution to strip down all the accumulated muck staining the sides and bottom of the pool. After the pool was cleaned we decided that we are going to replace the damaged tile under the coping with a nice glassy, multicolored mosaic tile. Now that the pool is cleaned we have to refill to see if there are any leaks. If there are leaks they could be coming from the piping underground to the filter or in the plaster itself. The final picture shows the pool refilled and the difference is pretty dramatic. Cannot wait to see if the equipment works and if there are leaks to take this pool to the next level.

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