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Two of the biggest exterior changes to this Cherry Hill fixer upper is the three foot bumpout for the kitchen and the addition of the two tiered deck which will tie together the family room, downstairs fifth bedroom/den/office and the backyard. The deck will be roughly 500 square feet. We had to bring in our excavator to tear out the existing concrete pad and to use his auger to dig out all 16 holes for the 16″ posts for both the deck and the kitchen additon. While the excavator was there he had to dig out the front of the home at basement wall where the new plumbing was run, all the way out to sewer cleanout by the street. He had to use the excavator like a surgeon carefully avoiding the gas and power lines in the process. Wolfschmidt Plumbing then had to run the new exterior plumbing to the street. I highly recommend hiring an excavator since he was able to do in a couple of hours what probably would have taken us a couple of weeks!
After that we brought out Northeast Copper Craft to replace the copper awning above the bay window on the front exterior and started hanging the shutters back up. The front of this Cherry Hill fixer upper is really starting to take shape.

Check out the pictures and video below for this phase of this Cherry Hill fixer upper:

This Cherry Hill East home will be for sale the middle of October. If you are thinking of buying a Cherry Hill fixer upper or another Cherry Hill home please contact Hal Candera at 856.906.5361.
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