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After the initial demo is completed the electricians and plumbers come in to do their roughs. We always bring in Wolfschmidt Plumbing for all of our work. They are a great company with a long history. They show up on time and are extremely knowledgeable. This was not a “re-bath” job, both of the upstairs bathrooms are requiring extreme changes. What we want to do upstairs also will effect structure and design on the lower levels of this house. Many more holes are opened up in the walls and floors and more decisions have to be made with problems that crop up, but they always find solutions. You will see just how much plumbing and work is involved in creating a new master bath on the other side of the bedroom. So if you ever need a Cherry Hill plumber, call Wolfschmidt Plumbing.

This Cherry Hill East home will be for sale the middle of October. If you are thinking of buying a Cherry Hill fixer upper or another Cherry Hill home please contact Hal Candera at 856.906.5361.
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